Hiya folx❣ I'm stgiga❣

🚧 This site is under construction. 🖺⛏👤 🚧

This site uses my special build of GNU Unifont, called ❝UnifontEX❞.

This site takes advantage of it well.


Here is a bit about me: ❧

I'm 22 and nonbinary ﴾🜬﴿ (yes, these symbols I'm using ARE in Unicode) and use They/Them pronouns (as well as neopronouns, including Unicode ones.)
I am also intersex, a salmacian/aphrodisian, polyam, and pan. ❦

What a way to not conform to societal expectations.

I am also neurodiverse (I formally have Autism, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, NOS-PD, and schizophrenia.)

And that's another way I don't conform...

Now, what do I do: ❧

I'm a techie who does various types of things, even though my academic education is in cybersecurity. ❦

ALL the assets on this page (well, the font and background) are things I have done. ❦

The Unifont version used is MY fork of the project, and NOT an official build. ❦

I'm the developer of BWTC32Key, an efficient file compression format with AES256 encryption and Base32768 output, with a file extension of .B3K

Funnily enough, the base of .B3K files being 32768 rather than the two of binary means that .B3K files are actually nonbinary files. Computers aren't exclusively binary after all. ❦

I also do art (such as the page background, but also 3D art and pride art, as well as even GIF art.)

Another creation of mine is a 3081-byte interactive demoscene work, which is here.

I also am known for making SoundFont files, such as HiDef, Tyroland, and my JummBox SoundFont (available for free here or here.

I guess I sort of do EVERYTHING with tech. ❦

This page is hand-coded (mostly.) ☙

Why? ❦

Because I get bored easily. Doing tech projects is a GREAT way to get rid of boredom❣

My X-Face: and Face: MIME headers:

My Combo Code (a variant of the Geek Code):


Combo Code Specification:

BWTC32Key is used on the file containing all those Floats to produce a similar string to the one I made
(which is unencrypted, so no need to touch the password box.)
Sadly, no decoders exist for the Combo Code, and nobody besides me has made an implementation of BWTC32Key yet.
As such, decoding this at present essentially requires significant tech skills. Hopefully not for long❣